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A Marketing Coupe


Our friends at The Bakery have just acquired a new marketing toy in the rather unusual shape of a Nissan Figaro.


Figaro for The Bakery


We were pleased to add graphics all around the vehicle


Graphics to Figaro

Whilst the curvaceous rear proudly proclaims “The best buns in Surrey”


The Best Buns In Surrey


All of the logos match the text of the shop fascia panels in cream and tan onto the black bodywork, with their familiar tag line “feed Your Day”


The Bakery

The Bakery text


The generous but demure bonnet suggests “Love Bread, Love Life” with a suitable digital print.


Love Bread Love Life


Keep an eye out for this car as it may be involved in special promotions.  See www.thebakeryshop.co.uk for details


We have just finished supplying signs and graphics for the West Cornwall Pasty outlet at London Bridge station at the base of The Shard. www.westcornwallpasty.co.uk



New Illuminated Fascia at The Shard


Digital Prints reverse applied to glass of counter


Parrot beach print direct to foam substrate


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Season of Mists


Winter is coming and the shorter days and dampening conditions give us even less time to complete exterior work, so it is nice to have plenty of  inside jobs. Over the “summer” school break we had lots of regular honours boards to update. Sometimes refurbishment work enables us to recreate extremely individual hand lettering from the past and such was the case re-lettering some hard to read Memorial names from both World Wars on oak panelling. The capital letter A is particularly hard to decipher.


Old English Lettering on oak panels


Hopefully somewhat easier to understand and extremely interesting to read was the text on the historical plaques which we recently installed at Reading Blue Coat School in the new Richard Aldworth building explaining the history both of Aldworth and the former buildings on the site.


Aldworth History


Further work at Wellington College recently has included further designation of the Howard Gardner inspired Eight Aptitudes within the redeveloped Mallinson Library which, prior to his Olympic Ceremonial appearance, had been visited by Sir Tim Berners-Lee creator of the World Wide Web.


Modern Plaque for Sir Tim Berners-Lee


Other work at the College included stainless steel lettering within the waterfall of the Princes’ Quad and a visit to the Wellington sponsored Academy in Wiltshire allowed the installation of sign assemblies to the dormitory block echoing their sister dorms at the original establishment.


Stainless Steel Lettering in Waterfall


Dormitory Sign Wellington College & Academy


Visits to London facilitated work at Guy’s Tower for the Dental School, fixing within Covent Garden piazza for Pylones and signage at High Holborn in the shadow of Gray’s Inn for the West Cornwall Pasty Co.
Interior work at Surrey Science Park meant literally “going around the bend” by painting lettering in the reception area around a 90 degree bend.


Wall Lettering to Reception Area


I mentioned recently to an old Crowthorne resident Aubrey Vaughan that I had sometimes thought of asking some of the longer established local businesses if they still have pictures of their old vehicles which Allen Thrower had worked on. I was obliged to receive the following photograph in the post which he dates back to 1968. Allen worked on both the sign and the vehicle which although it is not obvious in the photograph was gold leaf gilded. I re-panelled and re-lettered the sign later, possibly more than once, certainly for John Nicholson.



We have added graphics to more horseboxes at JMB Horsepower in the last couple of months. Branding them with the “Virtue” insignia added to the leaping horse design, zig-zag side stripe  and flying crescent of earlier vehicles.


JMB Virtue 3.5 side graphics


JMB Virtue 3.5 Front and Side


JMB Virtue rear and side


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Olympic Efforts- Going for Gold!


The London Olympics are fast approaching and, although we do not expect to have a major role in the events, it is nice to be involved laterally. So it was a pleasure recently to add some typographical adornments to a tool box to be used by a farrier attending to some of the equestrian participants.

Gold leaf was the most fitting material for a dark stained wood and teamed with a bit of black shadow you have a timeless combination.


Farrier's Tool Box


The headlines are all about the Torch Run and the weather. These combined when we were working in Windsor recently where a new West Cornwall Pasty Co. premises is taking shape in the shadow of the castle walls. As we were working on the windows the crowds were gathering to view the event, sadly the clouds were gathering too and both the torch bearer and tourists were drenched in a downpour. This prompted Her Majesty to enquire of the torch bearer “Did you get wet?” and a fair proportion of the masses to cram themselves under the very small overhang of the shop premises and attach themselves like clams to the windows we were trying to complete, darkening the already overcast day like a solar eclipse.


The Moss End show was under threat of cancellation for the first time in known history because of the weather as we completed another Virtue 3.5 horsebox for JMB HorsePower on the Friday before the event, the decals being a smaller version of the light blue box shown here previously. Hopefully some pictures will be available soon.


Another equestrian link requiring a marathon effort was the arrival of “Copenhagen” at Wellington College. Copenhagen was the Duke of Wellington’s favourite horse and who was famous for carrying his master throughout the Battle of Waterloo. A representation of his head has been beautifully crafted in bronze by Nic Fiddian-Green, pictures can be seen at www.nicfiddiangreen.com and at www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-18626960.

Whilst Fedderer and Murray were making the headlines at Wimbledon, I made use of the very short-lived periods of dry weather I took the advantage and made some headlines in Guildford on a patch of wall in Bury Fields.


Making a Headline in Guildford


The spots of moisture on the lens prove that the authorities at Wimbledon were wise to have the sliding roof installed and closed for the final this year.

Also dodged around the weather were some signs for Peaslake Village Stores, produced to a design by local designers resident nearby. The chosen font had some interesting “glyphs”, this is a conjunction of two letters into a single form. This was shot during production. We look forward to seeing more exterior photos once the sun is shining in the beautiful Surrey Hills.


Peaslake Village Stores in production


Peaslake Village Stores

Peaslake Village Stores


Meanwhile at the end of June, a delegation representing our home village of Bramley visited the German twin town of Rhens. The German news clips are featured on YouTube at “Wir in Rhens-Folge55”,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFlwChXMSUE those of you who are German speakers will appreciate this most. Simon’s lettering art on a presentation notice board features at 10:13/45.01 for anyone wishing to fast forward.


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Video and Jubilee

Vertical Glass Graphic Adornments


If you would like to see some video footage of  Traditional Signwriting, please take a look at this film made by Adam King as part of his University work https://vimeo.com/41291884 called The Sign Writer, hopefully this will soon be linked to the main website.

This past month has seen various projects connected to the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Along with local village activities whereby they will be celebrating at the Bramley Village Fete on 26th May selling commemorative souvenirs designed by local youngsters and with Bramfest 2012 an outdoor Music Festival at Gosden House School.  The music will be taking place in the Garden of Dreams and I was interested to see a photograph on their website of some signwriting that I did there. www.bramfest.co.uk


Signwriting to Brick Wall


I have painted various sections of text and quotations onto the (mainly white rendered) walls and these have often been linked to Shakespearean themes because of the link between The Globe Theatre in London and Gosden House School. All of the pupils join in productions which move around to various parts of the site as the performance continues scene by scene, I believe the dress rehersal for A Midsummer Night’s Dream was taking place with hoards of costumed youngsters streaming by. This must have been 2007 as we also provided the plaque on the left hand side marking the diamond jubilee of Gosden House School. Inside the buildings the pupils have an interesting display about the history of the buildings and I have found a link to it here  www.gosden-house.surrey.sch.uk/pdfs/history200.pdf


Other parts of the building have links with former productions.

Painted Lettering for Hamlet



Sonnet painted onto the wall in the courtyard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A Shakespearean sonnet adorns another area.


It may not be Jubilee connected, but the “distressed” flag we applied to the roof of this BMW racing car certainly has a patriotic flavour.

Distressed Union Jack to BMW



More directly Jubilee connected but harder to photograph was work in Richmond Park. The famous vista of St. Paul’s cathedral (some 10 miles away) see www.Eastsheen.co/st-pauls-cathedral-from-richmond-park is to be fitted with a telescope and gates provided by the Goldsmith family. These have been carefully crafted by a skilled metalworker, but the Park Rangers required some subtle clarification to  the the words “The Way” which have been intricated wrought into them. The pictures show the gates in the position they were in whilst the work was undertaken (on a particularly wet and stormy day). We look forward to seeing pictures of them in place and also of the header for the horse cart which will be used in the Jubilee celebrations.


Richmond Park Gates


We have also been privileged recently to add text and graphics to the refurbished library at Wellington College.


Text to Curved Glass and doors


We took the theme of the curved glass and used metallic charcoal along with the etched effect to give contrast against the clear glass.


Vertical Glass Graphic adornments


The areas of the library have been divided into 8 respective “aptitudes” and these are designated by both words and colours which are used on these vertical glass vanes, the furniture and elements in the courtyard water garden. The library has been named after respected benefactors. Members of the Mallinson family are represented on Honours Boards in other areas of Wellington, notably entries for Rackets and as representatives at “Queens “.


Mirrored gold with traditional black outline.


The commerative memorabilia at the Bramley Village Fete was designed by local schoolchildren, so it is fitting at this point to go back to Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, at which point I was still at school and when the Bracknell District Council (as it was then) required a pupil to furnish a scroll on their behalf, it was suggested that I might be able to do this. Unfortunately this photograph is showing its age and always had the corner missing (being processed on behalf of the Chairman from a slide photograph), but it still has some vibrancy and detail.


Simon’s Scroll from 1977 Silver Jubilee.

I may perhaps now admit that some of the decorative work was insired by Scrolls of Winners from the Greyhound Stadium at Slough, one of which I had added to earlier. Surprisingly at the time my father did not want to do this kind of penwork as his preference was working with the brush. These card memorials sometimes had pictures of the greyhounds on (I enjoyed that kind of detail). I wonder what happened to those? Slough Stadium has long gone along with it’s “famous” eatery the “Eton Gamble”.


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Signwriting Horseboxes


We mentioned aeroplane nose art previously. Here is a picture of the Italian First World War fighter pilot Francessco Barracca which aertoons.com feature in their history of aviation “nose art”. It was the black prancing horse on the yellow background which Enzo Ferrari decided would fit perfectly with his concept of thoroughbred sporting motor cars.

Baracca Nose Art


People have always personalised planes and cars, motorbike and HotRod enthusiasts favour lining and striping which was common on much earlier modes of transports, coaches and horse drawn buggies. Although coachlining on production cars is very limited these days we are sometimes called upon to recreate the effects particularly on Bentleys and Rolls Royces. These often have a bit of lining on the wheels, the contemporary version of cart wheels. The lining on this horsedrawn milkfloat was already there, I was drafted in to add the signwritten lettering and supply the wooden header board in the style of the original Caterham cart of the photograph.

Horse Drawn Milk Float


Traditional Signwriting on Milk Float


Sigwriting to rear of cart


Wooden Header Board


I copied the sides quite faithfully, but not having a photograph of the rear enabled me to swing the strokes to fit the space. The old fashioned milk bottles were copied from old posters, you got cream on the top in those days and the bottles were a different shape.We have an old milk churn in the garden which we have painted blue and added a bit of lettering to.  Don Bennett collected lots of milk churns to give his 1960’s milk lorry an original feel.

Don Bennett with lorry and trademan’s cycle
Don had me paint this in the style of the fleet Bennetts lorries (no relation I believe) which my father, Allen, had signwritten before I was born and who were Don’s first employers.
Bennett Lorry Loading Silver City Freighter
Silver City were based at Blackbushe Airport on the A30 just outside Camberley and Allen Thrower regularly worked on these planes and Dan Air aircraft at Lasham Airport near Odiham.
My Grandfather Tom Phillips was a haulier working mainly out of Wokingham railway station. He is pictured here on a fine cart with suitable adverts for products of the period.
 We have been working on quite a few horseboxes recently. All vinyl work on these nowadays. Four Quarters Polo Transporter a few weeks back.

Four Quarters Polo Pony Transporter at JMB Horsepower

Also some decorative decals for refurbished lorries at JMB Horsepower.
Front and rear graphics with side stripes
Refurbished Horsebox at JMB with sidestripes and decoration

Horse effect side swirls on JMB Virtue Horsebox


Another recent job with reflections in the past is at The Gallery on the Street in Puttenham, where I painted lettering onto the walls.

The hop design was drawn by a local artist who will be exhibiting in the studio and is a reference to the hops which used to be grown locally in the lea of the Hogs Back.

Hop motif above the door.

Black lettering before the addition of the hop design.


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Bespoke QR Codes Now Available

Thrower Signs QR code

Adding colour and design elements can make your QR code stand out from the crowd.

This is our own new bespoke QR code:




We can now help you to get a QR code made to order in your own style and colours, possibly including your logo.


Compare this with a more standard QR code which one of our customers will shortly be adding to their vehicles:



Wandsworth Group QR link to website.

Combinations can be made using the more familiar grid format, adding colours, curves and shadow effects.

Call 01483 894257, 01344 772164 or email simon@throwersigns.co.uk for more information.

It is always good when form and function combine aesthetically. A good example of this was the nosecone of the Eagle Formula One team in the 1960’s.

Eagle Formula One Racing Nosecone


Whilst from the front it did not look too immediately different from the Lotus with it’s oval duct, from the side it beautifully alluded to the American Eagle of the team name.

Anglo American Eagle Racing Car

I was thinking about motor racing whilst I was working on some gold leaf lettering on the Honours Boards at a Golf Club recently. I have been updating these for many years now, but continue the entries in the style of  my predecessor. The swirls he used particularly on the figure 2 reminded me of a Germanic style.

Gold Leaf on Oak


 If the swirl is slightly extended it would almost join together in the way which it was deliberately made to do on this early Mercedes racing car.
Early Mercedes Racing Car

The only font where I am aware of a digit 2 like this as an option is some versions of Belwe.



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Inspiration from Others

We all take inspiration from earlier design and form. Looking at the Scarlet Lady on the previous entry inspired me to look at some of the wartime cockpit art. The most similar I found was “Heavenly Body”. Although this might not be original as the plane has been used for films.

Many of the pictures used were taken from movie posters or the “lad’s mags” of the day and you can see many of these featured on sites such as www.squidoo.com/Airplane-pinup.    There is another similar image “Sugarland Bess” from Military Images.net

Wartime Bomber "Sugarland Bess"

Wartime Bomber "Heavenly Body"

 Although many were copies of existing images, one advertising man, Phil Brinkman was flown over to the UK specifically to paint designs, some of his most famous are known as Zodiacs and there is a fascinating compilation of pictures (including some of his original sketches) at www.486th.org/Photos/AC1/Zodiac1.htm

Returning to G.F. Watt’s Hope

G.F. Watts "Hope"

 I like to contrast this with Phil Disley’s parody cartoon with Obama as “Hope”.
Copies of this artwork were sold to help raise funds for Watts Gallery.
Obama as “Hope”
Add Obama’s Campaign poster with the Gotham font text

Obama Campaign poster with "Hope" in Gotham

Mix in some Street Art influence from David Choe.

David Choe's version of Obama "Hope"

 Choe has been in the news this week. Apparently he did some work on the walls of the Facebook offices and took shares in lieu of payment. The float should ensure that he gets a $200m payout for two days work.

We may appreciate the skills of Urban Artists such as Choe and Banksy without condoning possibly law breaking activities.

Some people who have broken the law are set to work making signs, both in the UK and in the USA. It was reported in Vermont recently that prisoners from the correctional units who make the decals for the Police vehicles had sneaked a pig shape into the dappled hide of cows in the crest on the State cruisers.

Police Decal Vermont


 Close up of the pig-shaped spot.

Close up of decal

 Also in the news recently, School should be cool, but Shcool is not cool when it is written large on the streets of Manhattan.  See http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/crew-mistakenly-spells-shcool-ng-15429708


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Upgrade equals backup

Traditional Signwriting, Simon the signwriter

Tumbleweed Connection Enamel Sign

Being a traditional signwriter and interested in graphics of all kinds I enjoy looking at old signs, especially enamel advertising signs which you may find displayed at places like the Bluebell Railway (and these are also reproduced on the cover of the album by Eton John entitled  Tumbleweed Connection). See www.flickr.com/photos/31514768@N05/4398255131/ for a particularly relevent example. I also own a projecting version of a similar double sided design for Blue Bell Tobacco.  Good examples of enamel signs can also be seen at motor museums such as Beaulieu www.beaulieu.co.uk and the Cotswolds Motor Museum in Bourton-on-the-Water www.csmaclubretreats.co.uk/museum/index.php

Album covers involving hand lettering would also include the Mannfred Mann     abum Semi-detached Suburban and of course the drum created for The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Signwtritten drum for Sgt. Peppers by The Beatles

I understand that this was painted by a faiground artist called Joe Ephgrave. See http://www.jpgr.co.uk/pcs7027.html

Another signwriter Eddie Stokes had some years earlier painted the skin of Ringo Starr’s drum in 1963. www.beatlesbible.com/features/drop-t-logo/ Of course in most of these cases the artists remain largely anonymous and probably quite poorly paid. The drum shop were apparently paid £5 for the sketch which became the logo, I doubt that Eddie or Joe were paid more than their usual hourly rate at the time.
My cryptic title Upgade equals Backup refers to the way that generally fonts which appear to be contemporary can often be revised or redrawn versions of previous designs or incorporating design elements from the past. Gotham the font I mentioned in the previous blog which is now extemely popular with designers had its roots in lettering seen on buildings in New York. The Hoefler & Frere-Jones history page www.typography.com/fonts/font_history.php?historyItemID=1&productLineID=100008 shows some of the photographs that they took and used to base their designs upon. In fact Gotham is not too dissimilar to our own Transport face designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert between 1957 and 1963. Margaret Calvert also designed the pictograms that we see on most of our roadsign signs. Transport is only readily available in a couple of weights however, medium and heavy;  Gotham has been created in a multitude of weights, italics, small caps etc. with all the elements required for Worldwide uses, an incredible investment in time. It is interesting that fonts which the Moviemakers have associated with Sci-Fi are often based on fonts taken from lettering on Public Buildings, such as City and Bank Gothic, the Jurassic Park fonts are based on letterforms which we would consider Greek in feeling, such as Informal.
Fonts are always affected by use and the introduction of screens for viewing, particularly smaller screens such as games systems and mobile telephones and androids has had an impact on the fonts being used. the capital I with cross bars at the top and bottom has become common in sans serif fonts, where once they would only be seen in slab serif or footed Roman typefaces. Gotham could be considered as having European influences, look at the Citroen name block, whereas stores like Sainsbury have for some time been using fonts more influenced by America, particularly road traffic signs there e.g. Blue Highway or Expressway and the slant cut off the top of the ascenders also appears to have had an impact on the designs for John Lewis/Waitrose rebranded fonts.
If we go back to the start for our final influence and link to both railways, signwriting, records and global branding we should look at Ken White. Ken is known for his murals, but you can find a painting of his online called “Signwriters”, which is a recollection of his early life working on the Great Western Railway at Swindon and has recently been displayed at STEAM museum www.swindonweb.com/?m=2&s=625&ss=626&c=4523. Ken started as a rivetter and later worked as a signwriter, his murals attracted the attention of Richard Branson and among other items he painted the Scarlet Lady, presumably influenced by 1940’s American Calenders and the artworks that appeared particularly on US wartime bombers.   
     I was interested to note that Lady Penelope has the registration ending FAB, something which I am sure every plane spotter in the world would know instantly.
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Into 2012, looking back at 2011

A happy new year to everyone reading this blog. The start of a new year is exciting as we don’t know what interesting jobs are ahead of us, but it also gives us a chance to review some of the fascinating projects that we have been involved with this year and to share some of the things we have learnt. The village of Compton lies just a few miles down the road from us and is the home to Watts Gallery www.wattsgallery.org.uk where G.F. Watts (sometimes referred to as the English Michelangelo) and his wife Mary Seton Watts, (the Arts and Crafts movement potter), lived and set up their studios and gallery. The gallery had been sadly neglected over the years and the large collection of Watts paintings and sculpture patterns were in danger of being damaged or lost until being featured on the BBC Restoration Village in 2006, although not winning,the ensuing publicity gave greater knowlege to the general public of the Hope fund which had been launched by the Trustees and staunch supporters. Over £11m was raised to restore and protect the building including donations from the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as other major benefactors.

Watts Gallery, Compton

Whilst it was a privilege to be involved with the supply of signs to the site both during the refurbishment and on completion and re-opening of the gallery, working with some graphics supplied by www.peper-design.co.uk

 it was also fascinating to learn more about both G. F. Watts and his wife Mary Watts. This sometimes takes me off at a tangent. Typing “Hope”- the name of the appeal fund, into Google you will find not only G.F. Watt’s 1886 painting of the same name and cartoons and parodies that it inspired, but also links to President Obama and his Electoral Campaign “Audacity of Hope”, Nelson Mandella and his cell in Robben Island and Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist”. The Obama connection then takes me to the Election Poster “Hope” and the font used there, Hoefler and Frere-Jones  “Gotham”, which is now used globally and seems particularly popular at present for TV stations.  www.typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100008

This link also takes me away from the paintings of G.F. Watts via the Watts Cemetary Chapel (desribed by Lucinda Lambton as “one of the most extraordinary, original marvellous and magical buildings in the whole British Isles”)  www.wattsgallery.org.uk/watts-chapel

to Postman’s Park in London. Where the Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice instigated by George Frederick and Mary Watts stands. Close to St. Paul’s cathedral you can see this tiled wall commemorating ordinary people who died saving others.

Memorial Tile, London


Postman's Park TileCeramic Tile, Green and White

The style of these ceramic tiles are recreated in the Learning Centre at the rebuilt Gallery and some are featured on the walls, especially close to to model for one of Watts most famous sculptures, “Physical Energy”.

Physical Energy by G.F. Watts
Physical Energy by G.F. Watts

When Mary Watts was building the Cemetary Chapel, part of the ideology was to help less fortunate people learn trade and have an income, I find this video fascinating and if you should visit Compton to see the Gallery or simply have a  cup of tea in the tea room, you will recognise some of the buildings shown in this British Pathe film “The Potters Art”.

Pottery, Physical Energy, Horses. Horseboxes. Something else we have been working on this year. www.jmbhorsepower.com will show you some examples of our work, both to their own vehicles and some of the products that they have supplied.
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It’s A Wonderful Life

See our video montage http://www.throwersigns.co.uk/movie.html
It is always interesting to work on historic items such as the motorbike sidecar box and horse drawn milk float shown on my last blog and to work on classic vehicles or to recreate items from film or TV. Many years ago now I hand lettered a “Trotter” style 3 wheeler working from bits of paused video to check accuracy and for some large store windows recreated an impression of the Beverley Hills signs (using a still shot from Beverley Hills Cop), I do not believe any of these photos still exist. This Christmas it was nice to be able to take inspiration from one of the classic films to help to create a window display for our friends at Jason Charles Jewellery in Sunninghill

Cut out Window display for Christmas

We took the original movie title

It's A Wonderful Life movie original caption

And drew in the additional characters required to make suitable wording for Christmas.

It was important to keep the character of all of the original lettering. The client preferred not to use the script version of Christmas, so the Frank Capra section was ignored.

Wonderful Christmas Sunninghill

Christmas is also the time when we most think of playing games together, so we were pleased to be able to supply a new fascia in Godalming with this theme.

The Classical Game Shop, Godalming

Images were chosen, drawn or inserted to aid the theme.

Chess & Dice


Playing Cards
Scrabble and Snakes & Ladders

The first version included a “Trivial Pursuit” style of script for some of the main text, but the simpler Cable font (reminiscent of Monopoly) gave greater clarity. The bottom edge was contour cut to give greater depth and a sense of fun to the panel. The panels were surface mounted, whereas the contour cut “Wonderful Christmas” display was internally suspended by the customers.

You can see my design used on the website:-



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