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Video and Jubilee

Vertical Glass Graphic Adornments


If you would like to see some video footage of  Traditional Signwriting, please take a look at this film made by Adam King as part of his University work https://vimeo.com/41291884 called The Sign Writer, hopefully this will soon be linked to the main website.

This past month has seen various projects connected to the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Along with local village activities whereby they will be celebrating at the Bramley Village Fete on 26th May selling commemorative souvenirs designed by local youngsters and with Bramfest 2012 an outdoor Music Festival at Gosden House School.  The music will be taking place in the Garden of Dreams and I was interested to see a photograph on their website of some signwriting that I did there. www.bramfest.co.uk


Signwriting to Brick Wall


I have painted various sections of text and quotations onto the (mainly white rendered) walls and these have often been linked to Shakespearean themes because of the link between The Globe Theatre in London and Gosden House School. All of the pupils join in productions which move around to various parts of the site as the performance continues scene by scene, I believe the dress rehersal for A Midsummer Night’s Dream was taking place with hoards of costumed youngsters streaming by. This must have been 2007 as we also provided the plaque on the left hand side marking the diamond jubilee of Gosden House School. Inside the buildings the pupils have an interesting display about the history of the buildings and I have found a link to it here  www.gosden-house.surrey.sch.uk/pdfs/history200.pdf


Other parts of the building have links with former productions.

Painted Lettering for Hamlet



Sonnet painted onto the wall in the courtyard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A Shakespearean sonnet adorns another area.


It may not be Jubilee connected, but the “distressed” flag we applied to the roof of this BMW racing car certainly has a patriotic flavour.

Distressed Union Jack to BMW



More directly Jubilee connected but harder to photograph was work in Richmond Park. The famous vista of St. Paul’s cathedral (some 10 miles away) see www.Eastsheen.co/st-pauls-cathedral-from-richmond-park is to be fitted with a telescope and gates provided by the Goldsmith family. These have been carefully crafted by a skilled metalworker, but the Park Rangers required some subtle clarification to  the the words “The Way” which have been intricated wrought into them. The pictures show the gates in the position they were in whilst the work was undertaken (on a particularly wet and stormy day). We look forward to seeing pictures of them in place and also of the header for the horse cart which will be used in the Jubilee celebrations.


Richmond Park Gates


We have also been privileged recently to add text and graphics to the refurbished library at Wellington College.


Text to Curved Glass and doors


We took the theme of the curved glass and used metallic charcoal along with the etched effect to give contrast against the clear glass.


Vertical Glass Graphic adornments


The areas of the library have been divided into 8 respective “aptitudes” and these are designated by both words and colours which are used on these vertical glass vanes, the furniture and elements in the courtyard water garden. The library has been named after respected benefactors. Members of the Mallinson family are represented on Honours Boards in other areas of Wellington, notably entries for Rackets and as representatives at “Queens “.


Mirrored gold with traditional black outline.


The commerative memorabilia at the Bramley Village Fete was designed by local schoolchildren, so it is fitting at this point to go back to Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, at which point I was still at school and when the Bracknell District Council (as it was then) required a pupil to furnish a scroll on their behalf, it was suggested that I might be able to do this. Unfortunately this photograph is showing its age and always had the corner missing (being processed on behalf of the Chairman from a slide photograph), but it still has some vibrancy and detail.


Simon’s Scroll from 1977 Silver Jubilee.

I may perhaps now admit that some of the decorative work was insired by Scrolls of Winners from the Greyhound Stadium at Slough, one of which I had added to earlier. Surprisingly at the time my father did not want to do this kind of penwork as his preference was working with the brush. These card memorials sometimes had pictures of the greyhounds on (I enjoyed that kind of detail). I wonder what happened to those? Slough Stadium has long gone along with it’s “famous” eatery the “Eton Gamble”.


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